First and foremost, colleges are businesses!

There are many reasons that colleges prefer to see a standardized test. One reason is that the curriculum in each high school, and certainly each state varies. When you consider the resources some students have because of their school district versus the lack in others, it is easy to conclude that the level of exposure/mastery a student in a struggling district has when earning an A may be vastly different than a student who earns an A in a district rich with resources like 3D printers, computers for every student, large designated laboratories for science classes and so forth.

Colleges are all too familiar with students who have received generous grades due to being well liked, a star athlete, a star student who is popular, who are not prepared to handle rigorous classes in college. If you have heard your son or daughter mention that the teacher is giving students more time to finish the test because some did not, or someone is able to...

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Considering A College

College Recruiting Specialists has partnered with Virteom to engage future college students, trade students, parents, and anybody looking to learn more about the getting into the college or university a student strives to attend.

In this video, Jacqui and Kelly talk about three costly mistakes when considering college: looking, applying and getting in. Watch or read the transcription below!

It's amazing how expensive college has become. It's easily a $100,000 investment, even at a state school. It's really important to be thinking ahead and planning.

What are those costly mistakes and how can I avoid them?


Most college visits begin during junior year of high school. People think it’s no big deal and they’re just going to go take a visit. But think about the fact that the typical college visit means you're meeting admissions. They hand you all of their shiny, fabulous marketing materials to get you hooked on the school. Then,...

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