Sharing our own expertise with the experts!


Sharing our own expertise with the experts!

Check out KMAC's appearances on various podcasts and shows discussing her college admissions expertise and the inside scoop of the college application process.

K12 On Learning

Hear from diverse leaders in education as we discuss learning solutions for online school, homeschool, education pathways, and topics of interest to online students and parents.

A College Recruiter Discusses How To Help Teens Take A Step Forward On The Path To Their College & Career Dreams

In this podcast episode of ‚ÄúK12 On Learning,‚ÄĚ you can discover how little mistakes or unknowns can take a big toll, especially when it comes to planning, preparing, and applying to a college or for a job. Our podcast guest, Kelly MacLean, a former college recruiter, shares how you can help your teen stand out on an application, and how to start preparing now for college and a career.


The Wiser Financial Advisor Podcast with Josh Nelson

Get Real... Get Honest... Get Clear!... The Wiser Financial Advisor podcast gives you real, honest and clear advice every Tuesday.

Setting College Students Up for Success with Guest Kelly MacLean (#84)

Deciding on college is about so much more than just picking a school to attend.  Problem is, in many cases, neither the student nor the parents are given the knowledge to make sure all bases are covered and the process is done right. In this episode, host Josh Nelson speaks with Kelly MacLean who has years of experience in guiding families through the process so that your student doesn't just graduate college, but is academically and financially prepared to hit the ground running when starting college and once they have graduated.


Teachers of Vision

Problems Plaguing Test-Takers

As a teacher, it can be frustrating when good students score poorly on standardized tests. Many educators feel as if all of their hard work is diminished when students do not perform as well as expected. 

As president and founder of the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center, specializing in standardized test preparation as well as several other college preparatory services, I have noticed several issues over the years that frequently stump even the most studious test-takers. 


Bizfire Business Spotlight

Better Preparing Students & Saving $$$ - Kelly MacLean Achievement Centers

Kelly MacLean and the team at Kelly MacLean Achievement Center (KMAC) help students, student athletes and parents best prepare for and select the right college! I wish I knew about this business when my kids were getting ready for college! Kelly MacLean is a seasoned expert on helping students discover their passion, chart a path and achieve their goals. Her years as a college admission representative, varsity girls soccer coach, and dedication to providing customized solutions for students' challenges has allowed her to impact the lives of thousands of high school students across the country.

Kelly founded the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center in Westlake, OH, prepares students for testing, admissions, college visits and more, and has saved students and families a lot of struggles, headaches, and thousands in costs! Be sure to listen for Kelly's Pro Tips! 


Cleveland Channel 3 WKYC News

The keys to success for seniors & college admission: Start Smart, Stay Smart

All students face challenges in this new school year. Whether they are remote, masked up in class or a combo of both, the class of 2021 has challenges unique to them. They’re on the verge of making important life decisions at a time when their lives are filled with uncertainty.

So much was made about the class of 2020 missing senior milestones such as prom, spring sports and the fanfare of graduation. However, the class in their shadow last spring, the class of 2021, is perhaps facing the greatest impact of all.


Cleveland 19 Action News

As College Recruiting Specialists

Tips for college-bound students: Take the ACT as many times as you can

College Recruiting Specialists Kelly "College Whisperer" MacLean said one important tip for students looking to get into college is to take the ACT and SAT multiple times and earlier in the school year.

She said she's helped more than one thousand local students get into college over the past six years. She does tutoring, test prep, career and college counseling. She's been known to hold a parent's hand or two as well. College Recruiting Specialists is based in North Olmsted. Her services cost from about $500 to a couple thousand dollars.