Academic Services

We strive to give each student an individualized experience to best suit their needs.

  • High School Course Selection: The average high school students GPA goes down during their sophomore year. Taking the right classes will help position your student for acceptance to the school of their choice.
  • ACT/SAT Test Prep: Tips that will give your student the advantage. Our students typically score 2-4 points higher after our test prep.
  • Tutoring: Subject specific in Math and the Sciences, or coaching study in other subjects.
  • Time Management & Study Skills:  We help improve high school grades before it is too late, to ensure your child's success.
  • Major Selection: We set students up for success by helping determine potential career paths, eliminating useless classes. 
  • Selecting Appropriate Schools: When students are at the right school, they report higher satisfaction with the school and program of study. This puts students on the path to complete their degree in 4 years at one school.
  • Customized Binder: Puts the info that you need in a concise manner to "comparison shop schools" without all the fluff.
  • Career Shadowing: We set up shadowing so your student can see what a career is really like, rather than what they think it is.
  • Touring Tips: Includes interviewing department heads – get the most out of your college visit and get the most useful information to help make your decision. Don't base a $100,000 decision on a sightseeing tour!
  • Admission Deadlines: Ensure students do not miss critical deadlines for acceptance as well as scholarships through assistance with applications, references, and essays.
  • Essay Review and Assistance: Help your child's essay stand out from the sea of thousands of essays that admission counsellors read every year.  
  • Reference Letter Assistance:  Get powerful recommendations from key people to allow admission to selective schools. Don't get shut out of the school because you got an average recommendation from the English teacher that "loves" you.
  • FAFSA Information: Increase likelihood of getting financial aid, through assistance with filing, and understanding financial aid packaging, scholarships, Expected Family Contribution (EFC). For first time applicants, this is often a foreign language. We will help you figure out:
    • How does FAFSA work?
    • What do you need to know?
    • How do you make FAFSA work best for you and your child?
    • If you don't like the number they've given you, we can help.
  • College Scholarship Help: To help the students maximize opportunities and avoid missing deadlines. Don't let a day delay cost you $3500.
  • College Interview: The most sought after scholarships typically require an interview – we prepare students by running mock interview sessions that give them an advantage.
  • The Freshman Five: We offer support and assistance during the first semester of college by helping a student adjust, ensuring they are getting involved, going to class, and getting help they need. We also help parents make this adjustment and properly support their student.

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