Academic Services

We strive to give each student an individualized experience to best suit their needs.

ACT & SAT Prep

Do you ever wonder why your good student is not scoring as well as they should on the ACT or SAT? 

I like the following analogy: It is like assuming that because you can drive a car, that you can automatically drive a stick shift. That's not always the case, because you were likely trained to drive something different—just like your kids were trained to test differently!

Our students score an average of 5-7 points higher on the ACT after working with us! Visit our ACT Prep page to learn more about how we can help them.

 Subject-Specific Tutoring

Making good grades is essential to the college admissions process. Your child can have the best college essay, the best application, and a 36 ACT score, but if their grades aren't where they should be, they still may be denied. Additionally, taking difficult and high level classes during high school, when stress is lower compared to in college, can help give your child the edge in their future classes. 

We offer subject-specific tutoring on a one-on-one basis or in a small group setting. If you and a friend are struggling in your classes, work together with one of our expert tutors to gain mastery in that subject! 

Check out our tutoring subject list to see if there's a class that we can help you in!

High School Course Selection

The average high school students GPA goes down during their sophomore year. Taking the right classes will help position your student for acceptance to the school of their choice.

Time Management & Study Skills

We can help improve high school grades before it is too late to ensure your child's success. Learn the right time management and study skills specific to YOUR child's needs! Every student learns differently; they key is to figure out the methods that work best for them. 


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