ACT Prep

Does your student or group need ACT or SAT test prep? We can help!

ACT Prep that Works!

We provide four-week group immersion as well as individual one-on-one test prep to cover all strategies and begin implementing them on actual tests. Our focus is on understanding what the ACT/SAT is asking and identifying the quickest, most efficient way to answer questions correctly. We recommend that students take either the April, June, or December tests to establish a baseline, and that the student opts in to receive the Test Information Release (TIR). The TIR will allow us to see a record of their answers, which will let us see the specific areas that they need to focus on for future prep. 

Repeated prep will help your child reach their goals more quickly, making the college search easier as they will know where they are likely to get accepted and get scholarship money. The methods that we teach help kids in college as well by teaching them valuable test-taking strategies!

One-On-One ACT Prep

We have ACT Prep down to a science! One-on-one tutoring is our most popular service, with each student receiving one-on-one tutoring based on their individual needs and learning styles. We try to match students with tutors based on their strengths and personalities.

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment or to see if one-on-one tutoring is the right choice for you!

Group ACT Prep

We provide ACT test prep in small group sessions complete with mentors to personalize the tutoring for students. We also provide workshops and educational sessions for college bound students and parents to help them navigate the process. These services compliment the instructions they are given by their school's guidance department, which often has such a huge case load they cannot give the individual attention to students to help them determine their personal path. 

We now offer online registration for our in-person ACT Prep Workshops!

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ACT Prep Blogs

Check out some of our recent blog posts about how you can make the ACT work for you!

How to Score Well on a Standardized Test

We have spent the past 10 years analyzing tests and, more importantly, finding the simplest ways to show students the methods that will yield success. 

Our research has yielded dozens of shortcuts and tips to make the test EASIER. Our students typically improve their score by 5-8 points after working with us. We have had several students earn a perfect 36, and dozens more score a 35, putting them in excellent position for acceptance and scholarships at the schools of their choice.


Why the ACT is So Important

The ACT may be needed for college admission, but in reality there are solid life skills taught within the test and even more surrounding taking it. Learning to take a test, learning to manage anxiety around a test, learning to ask for help, and realizing with help you can do so much more than trying to do it on their own are life skills that are worthwhile for a student to learn before leaving for college.

When you consider the financial benefit that a few points can make in scholarship money, prepping for the test with an expert, a coach who can guide them through their challenges is very worthwhile.

What Does "Test-Optional" REALLY Mean?

Test optional means you do not need a test score attached to your application for your application to be considered complete and reviewed for admission. It does not mean that students without a test score will be reviewed in the same way, despite what some colleges advertise. Unfortunately, human judgment will still play a huge role in admission decisions during this coming application cycle.

Does sending a test score matter?

Let's be blunt:  Yes it does.


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