Frequently Asked Questions

Won't my high school or club coach help get me recruited?

Short and simple: they might! However, typically your coach has a full time day job in addition to coaching. They do not have the time or resources to devote to ensuring that you and your teammates are getting recruited by schools that are a good fit for you beyond your sport. They probably have a few college coaches that they typically refer students to, but do not have the contacts or information we have to maximize your opportunities. 

Remember it is your future. Don't miss out by limiting your resources. 

Can't I just put my profile online and get recruited?

Probably not. There are thousands of players who have posted profiles online; there is no screening mechanism in place for them. College coaches will not randomly sift through those profiles in hopes of finding the right athlete. Keep in mind, the right athlete is not necessarily a superstar player. The right athlete is a good fit for the team. The coach not only looks at sport-specific skills, but also the athlete's position, college major,  interest in that college or similar colleges, GPA, and so on. College coaches have limited time and budget to recruit athletes. They are looking for certain criteria first and then they add that player to the list of potential recruits. Our expertise helps you get added to that list of recruits. 

Why use KMAC if college coaches do their own recruiting?

KMAC has a database of every school that offers your sport. Our information includes all coaches contact information and specifics about the team- how many seniors, what positions, etc. We also know the majors a college offers and specific demographics about the school that will help determine if the school is a good fit for you or not off the playing field. 

Our role is to help you achieve your dreams. Most athletes turn pro in something other than their sport. Therefore, choosing the right academic program and school is extremely important in this process.

How important are grades in the recruiting process?

Grades are significant. Coaches look at grades for two reasons.

First, the student has to demonstrate that they can keep up their grades while playing sports. If a student cannot maintain a decent GPA in high school, this shows the coach that the student lacks the ability to balance their studies and athletics. Some colleges may also suspend a student or put them on probation for poor grades. A coach will not waste time and scholarship money on a student they are not sure will be able to play.

Second, often the school will offer additional academic money to the student which lessens the financial burden on the coach's budget. A student with consistently good grades has a stronger chance of being recruited and keeping their position on the team. 

College coaches already know who all the good players are. If my name is in the paper, wont I automatically get recruited? If I don't get any recognition in the paper, can I still be recruited?

College coaches do not already know who all of the "good" players are. Coaches are interested in finding players that are a good fit for their team. The coach doesn't need eleven star quarterbacks on his football team, or five starting guards on his basketball team. Additionally, a high school or club team with a poor record may have players who are quite capable of playing at the college level and being recruited.

Promoting your potential to coaches and teams that are likely to be a good fit is KMAC's expertise. We ensure you are seen by coaches with consistent quality exposure.

Why should I pay Kelly MacLean Achievement Center? Why doesn't the college pay KMAC?

The NCAA has very strict guidelines, particularly about contact with a student athlete. If a college paid us, we would have to adhere to the limited contact rules, just as a coach does. This would limit our ability to counsel students on prospective schools and programs. Also, it would create a conflict of interest if several colleges were all attempting to recruit one of our athletes and each had paid us. By the student and their family retaining our services, we provide on-going support for the athlete, continuous promotion of the athlete to prospective schools, and resources for the entire admission process. 

When should I start the recruiting process?

KMAC takes a comprehensive approach to the recruiting process. Since we provide academic assistance as well, it is never too early to start the recruiting process. The more opportunities KMAC has to promote you to potential schools, the more likely you are to be recruited by multiple coaches. We typically start working with students in 9th or 10th grade, but still offer assistance to high school seniors.


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