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Get ahead of the curve.

Navigating the college admission process is hard for the best of us. Let us help you get the edge on the competition.


Who are we?

The Kelly MacLean Achievement Center works with students in grades 9-12 to better prepare them for their college careers, and provides resources throughout the entire recruiting and admission process. We specialize in effective ACT Prep and career exploration to help ensure the best path for our students.

Test Prep

About 1.8 million students take the ACT exam every year, making it the leading college admissions test. The higher a student's ACT score, the more opportunities they have. After working with KMAC, our students' ACT scores go up an average of 3-6 points.

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The national average is 5.5 years to obtain a degree. Most students change their major at least once, or take a year or more to "find themselves". KMAC can help your student decide what major and what school fit them best, and help save thousands of dollars!

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There are about 7.9 million high school athletes and only about 500,000 player opportunities in college. That's only a 6.3% chance of your athlete playing in college. KMAC can help your athlete stand out from the thousands of other applicants.

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