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At Kelly MacLean Achievement Center we offer a wide breadth of services for academics, college planning, college admissions and other career exploration. Use this site map for help navigating through various areas of our website.

Mission Statement

“To change students’ lives by giving them the tools needed to learn complex curriculum, allowing them to gain confidence in their ability, increase their skills, and enjoy learning new things. We will expose students to new areas so they can find their passion and embrace the path to live the life they envision and plan. We measure success based on out students’ achievements.”

Welcome to the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center sitemap. This page serves as a comprehensive guide to all the sections and services available on our website. Whether you're looking for private tutoring, ACT test prep, or specific information about how we help with college and career planning. Navigate easily through our site to access detailed pages on college applications, college selection, athletic recruiting and more. Explore our blog for the latest updates and insights or visit our contact page to get in touch with our expert team. Our sitemap ensures you can quickly find the information you need to make informed decisions about choosing KMAC as your partner for academic tutoring and college or career exploration.


Academic Services: From Grade School to Grad School KMAC's academic services will help.

College Consulting: College selection, consulting to choose a major, submitting applications, essays, financial aid, scholarships and more.

  • Career Exploration: These services focus on reducing expenses while expanding career prospects. Including advice on selecting the most suitable career as well as education paths (selecting a major) and strategies for placement at the careers and educational institutions.
  • College Selection
  • Key Project; What looks most impressive on a college application? A standout project. We work with students to create a standout project for making the college application look better.

Athletic Recruiting: Our college recruiting specialists have a passion for working with athletes. Services include helping with recruiting forms, developing a player resume, targeting to coaches. guidance on coaching visits and deciphering offers made by coaches.

  • FAQs for the High School athlete expecting to get recruited including
    • When to start the recruiting process
    • How to be seen by coaches
    • Are grades important?

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