College Selection

Finding the Best Fit College for Your Child

With over 6,000 colleges and universities in the United States, it can be hard to be sure that you're choosing the right one. Let us help!

As we discuss your child’s career goals, we will also discuss the requirements that they might have for a future school, such as location, student demographics, class size, program opportunities, extracurricular activities, study abroad, Greek life, dorms, admission requirements, tuition, and any other concerns or special requirements.. 

We will then provide a customized book with information on schools that match what they are looking for in a school. This book will make it easy to make comparisons and find the information relevant to them without endlessly searching on a school's website. 

Included in your child’s book will be instructions for a successful campus visit, with questions for them to ask while on the tour and while visiting their academic department so they get the best feel for the school. Visiting with a professor (preferably the department chair) in the major they plan to study is cited as the number one factor in our students making a college decision. The professor helps them better understand unique characteristics of the program and how it will impact them. 

By visiting all of the schools in same way and asking the same questions at each school, your child can make an accurate and complete comparison and determine what school will be the best fit.

College Selection Blogs

Check out some of our recent blog posts about how our college selection process can help your child!

How To Start Your College Planning

When you child's senior year rolls around and they have to sit down to list out their activities and achievements, what are they going to put down? What will their grades look like? What will they write their admissions essays about? These are all questions to consider early, before the last-minute crunch time stress sets in. Knowing what information to keep track of and look for early can save heaps of stress and set your child apart from the rest. 

How to Choose the Right College For You

We help guide parents and students down the road to college. It’s often a longer road than people think and pre-planning is essential. For us, it all comes down to helping them really find the right college for them. Every child is unique if we’re able to help them find the right school for them, then we are confident they will succeed.

Approaching College With Foresight

At the end of the day, your child’s greatest aspiration will not be to get a higher GPA than their peers or go to college with their best friends. Their greatest hope will be to lead happy and productive lives. Foresight is the differentiator between those who buy more milk than there is room for in the fridge and those who achieve self-actualization in the form of a successful college education and meaningful careers. 


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