The Admissions Suite

Make your child's college application work for them!

Applications, essays, financial aid, and scholarships—we cover it all. Gain competitive insight with our insider knowledge of the college admissions process. After years of helping students reach their dream school, we know a thing or two about applying to college!

Throughout the process of working together, we will work to get to know your child and discover their unique traits that can be woven throughout their college applications. This will ensure the admission officers get a consistent feel for who your child is as a candidate while still tying in to their proposed major, academic background, and so forth to paint a complete picture of your child. We will ensure their application goes beyond grades and test scores and better reveals their value as a student to each school. 

When it comes to writing college admissions essays or scholarship essays, you can’t beat our process! We will help your child construct unique essays that make them stand out among the applicants while still hitting the right prompts. We pride ourself in completing our "Essays in an Hour"!

We will monitor deadlines, review application essays, suggest topics that will separate your child from their peers. We will also help them coach their recommenders on providing meaningful letters of recommendations that showcase the traits that make them stand out. This includes creating a college admission resume for your child’s recommender to use as a reference, as well as a personalized letter that helps admission directors see your child’s value. 

The resume will then be submitted to schools to provide a more comprehensive picture of your child’s abilities, work ethic, and potential. As a bonus, your child will also be able to edit this resume themselves, giving them a template to work on when they eventually apply to internships or jobs!

We will navigate connecting their Naviance and CommonApp accounts and provide assistance with any other requirements they need to meet. We will also help with setting up school portals and monitoring additional information requested by each school. 

If an interview is requested, we will walk your child through the process:

  • Questions to expect and how to best answer
  • Inspired questions to ask the interviewer
  • How to dress
  • Confidence building through mock college interviews 

Once you have received your financial aid award letters, we will help analyze them to ensure you understand the bottom line and value you are receiving from each school. 

We will also help with scholarship submissions and directing them to other resources. If necessary and warranted, we can craft a compelling appeal for more financial aid or in the case of a deferral. 

College Admissions Blogs

Check out some of our recent blog posts about how to make the most of your college applications, scholarship essays, and college essays!

Why Do Some Students Get Scholarships And Others Don't?

If money is a factor when considering colleges and your child's future as it is for most families, figuring out what schools to apply for ahead of time is crucial. The types of school that your child applies to can determine how much money they are awarded. There are some schools that are very generous with the money they award, and there are others that are not.

When Should My Kid Apply to College?

Parents of seniors are feeling out of the loop right now. There may be some anxiety, some frustration, and a lot of misunderstanding the admission process. I find that parents are usually all over in the understanding of best practices— especially this year. It's been years since they have applied to college; since when did everything get so difficult?

I have interviewed dozens of admission reps from schools all over, and their recommendations allow us to better help your child gain admission to their first choice school.

How to Handle Your Deferral from a University That is One of Your Top 2 Choices

Unfortunately, schools only have a limited number of spaces available in their early application pool. Based on conversations with many Admission Directors this fall, I learned that more than 50% of most schools' applicants exceed their student profile. But they still could not accept all of the equally qualified candidates— and some got moved to the deferred pool. These candidates are not denied— they will simply  be reviewed again with the regular decision applicants.


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