We offer specialized services for students looking to pursue athletics at a collegiate level.

Some of our many services include:

  • Develop impactful Resume and Recruiting Forms that contain info that the coaches are looking for and help your athlete stand out from the thousands of other applicants
    • Recruiting Forms: Assistance with completing college forms 
    • Player Resume: A personalized hard-copy resume with pertinent information coaches actually want to see.  
    • Selecting appropriate programs where an athletic student is likely to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. 
    • Mailing to targeted coaches: These are specific to schools/programs where your student is likely to be successful. We do not take the approach of mailing to anyone and everyone hoping something sticks. We target schools where a student will be happy, even if their athletic career is cut short. By planning ahead, your student can stay in the same school, and retain all earned credits.
    • Deciphering offers made by coaches: Understanding the requirements of the offer so you make the best decision for your student, and how they impact financial aid and other school scholarships. 
  • Timed emails to coaches from the students to get the most potential interviews with the coaches.
    • We coach students on appropriate emails to create interest.
    • By sending specific questions or information to coaches you can ensure the best response.
    • Students typically err on the side of caution and do not want to "bother" the coach so there is not enough correspondence. We help encourage them to take initiative in their recruiting process.
  • Guidance on coaching visits to make the most of those limited face-to-face sessions.
    • Meaningful, thought-provoking questions for the coach so you can truly assess where you are on their recruiting chart.
    • Timing the coaching visit to ensure coaches still have scholarships to offer.
    • Evaluating visits and correspondence from coaches to determine reality of their interest
  • NCAA eligibility center: Ensuring your student is registered in the clearinghouse and meets all guidelines. If a student is not registered they are ineligible to receive scholarship money.
  • Film editing: Coaches do not want to see an hour long tape to see you make 2 plays. We can identify what coaches are looking for and edit the film, so the coach actually watches it.
  • NLI signing media coverage- This is a big event. Be sure your student gets the recognition they deserve!
  • Guide the student during their freshman year making the transition to college athletics. Students often get discouraged and need additional support and guidance to excel.

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