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What did Tom Brady and current Standardized Test Scores have in common?

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For families nationwide, navigating the changing tides of college admissions is crucial, akin to understanding shifts in sports team strategies.

The difference between having a star player like Tom Brady was for the Patriots, who consistently opened up more options for success, and the contrast in echoing the perennial hope of Cleveland Browns fans with "there's always next year," starkly illustrates the importance of preparedness—because in college admissions, there often isn't a "next year."

Recent trends have shown that many prestigious universities—including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Purdue, and the University of Tennessee—are reinstating standardized test requirements after a temporary hiatus during the pandemic. Data reveals that students who submit high standardized test scores tend to perform better academically in college compared to those who do not. 

The significance of securing strong test scores is immense. Upcoming test dates, such as the SAT on June 1, 2024 and the ACT on June 8, 2024, offer current sophomores and juniors excellent opportunities to strengthen their college applications. By preparing for and excelling in these exams, your child can significantly enhance their college admission prospects, much like having a key player who can change the game.

Dispelling the myth of enduring 'test-optional' policies is essential. As college admissions strategies evolve, a high standardized test score is an invaluable asset that can widen your child's options, ensuring they aren't left hoping for another chance. Just as in sports, in the college admissions arena, being well-prepared can make all the difference.

For expert advice on test preparation, please reach out to [email protected]. Also, remember that admissions requirements can change, so it's important to verify directly with the colleges to which your child is applying.

Currently,  the following schools are requiring test scores: 

Brown University - Class of 2029 onwards
Dartmouth College - Class of 2029 onwards
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Institute of Technology
Florida International University
Florida State University
Georgetown University
Georgia College & State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Harvard University- Class of 2029 onwards
Louisiana State University
Louisiana Tech University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Purdue University
Randall University
United States Air Force Academy
United States Merchant Marine Academy
United States Military Academy
United States Naval Academy
University of Arkansas
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of Georgia
University of North Florida
University of South Florida
University of Tennessee
Yale University - Class of 2029 onwards