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college covid-19 general high school kmac news online classes tutoring Apr 09, 2020

Hey Everyone! 

A lot has changed since we last talked, hasn't it? It's been almost a month since we last posted, but we're happy to report that we are still open for business and helping students; it just looks a little different now. All of our meetings have been moved online for the time being, for the safety of both our students and our staff. 

We're grateful for everyone's patience and willingness to adjust their meeting methods during this time, and we're doubly grateful for our amazing tutors, who have adapted gracefully. We miss being around out students in person, but we're glad that we have the technology to continue meeting with everyone.

Subject Specific Tutoring

This is a crucial time for students; they should be gearing up for the AP tests next month, and getting ready for finals. While most schools have transitioned to online learning, and teachers are working hard to make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks or being neglected, some students are still struggling with the transition to online schooling. They suffer because of the lack of personal attention, or not understanding how to ask questions. We can help!

Already we have met with students to work on homework, from Calculus to Physics to going over English papers. We've helped a couple of students time block their days and figure out a schedule that works best for them. One of the benefits of online schooling is that students can work on some of it at whatever time is convenient for them-- but that also leaves some students mismanaging their time and putting their work off. We can help your kids stay on track and on top of their assignments!

Junior Support Program

We know that our Seniors are certainly getting the short end of the stick this year. They are missing out on major milestones like Prom and other end of the year activities, missing out on the last days with their classmates, and missing out on crucial class time. Our hearts certainly go out to them; but what about our Freshmen, our Sophomores, and our Juniors?

Our Juniors are in a crucial part of their high school years. They should be taking the ACT, visiting colleges, and figuring out what schools they are going to apply to this summer. They should be laying down the bricks for a successful Senior year, but so many of them are missing important check points because of the COVID-19 situation. That's why we have come up with the Junior Support Program

Don't let your hard work, or your child's hard work, go to waste because of current events. Taking advantage of this time now means a less stressful senior year, and trust us-- you will want to have your applications completed as early as possible so you can relax and not worry about application deadlines. Use this time to ensure that when the quarantine is over and we have all moved past this, your Junior can confidently jump right into the college application process and go to their dream school.

Click here to learn more and to register today!

We're living in an unprecedented time, and it's okay to acknowledge that you need help. Something that I think we have all realized lately is that there's no shame in asking for help when you need it. Please reach out to us if there is any ways that we can help you right now!

Wash your hands and stay safe,