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Two Things That Can Set You Apart When Applying To College!

Two Things That Can Set You Apart When Applying To College!

apply to college college college admissions essays senior seniors Sep 28, 2022

College application season is upon us! The fact is that the more selective the school, the more likely you are to meet all of the requirements and STILL be denied. So you may be wondering: how can I️ set myself apart from everyone else? 

I have interviewed dozens of college admissions reps from schools all over, and their recommendations allow us to better help YOUR child gain admission to their first choice school.

Essays make a difference!

To provide the best opportunities, we encourage students to send their essay to ALL schools— even those that do not require an essay. 

Providing an essay shows that you are willing to do extra work and adds insight to who you are as a person. 

However, there are definitely some things that you should NOT write about— including your sports career, or your involvement in a volunteer activity that is already listed in the activities section of the CommonApp.

 Why no sports essay?

The goal of an essay is to gain interest, be unique, and share something that is important to you or DIFFERENT about you. If you can think of other students in your high school that are likely to write something similar, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, across the state or the country who have similar experiences. 

Think about how many students participate in a sport during high school, who have overcome an obstacle, worked hard, demonstrated perseverance, learned to be a great teammate… Yep, we have read them all, and so have the admissions reps you are trying to impress. Your story probably isn't very unique, even if it does show great qualities about you as a person. 

A recommendation can make or break you

In addition to having a unique essay, recommendations can also play a part in the admissions process.

It is important to ask the “right” teachers. Colleges want to know how you will do academically, so avoid asking a coach who only you taught PE for one semester.

Ask a math, english, history, or science teacher— especially one that is relevant to your intended major. It is okay to ask a teacher who taught a difficult class if they are likely to mention that it was difficult work but you put in extra effort, asked for help, and became a better student in the class as a result, so don't shy away from asking that teacher. 

Remember, the application paints a picture. Be sure it is complete; don't leave parts of the picture blank!



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Scholarship Amount Deadline
Survey Junkie Brand Influencer Scholarship $1,000 10/01/2022
Top Friend Scholarship $5,000 10/01/2022
Be Bold No-Essay Scholarship $25,165 10/01/2022
Be a Voter Captain Scholarship $500 10/08/2022
Pretty Actions Scholarship $500 10/15/2022
CJ Pony Parts Scholarship Video Contest $500 10/15/2022
Laybourne Law Firm Essay Scholarship $500 10/15/2022
College JumpStart Scholarship Program $1,000 10/17/2022
$1,000 October Scholarship $1,000 10/20/2022
Keep Going Forward No Essay Scholarship $1,515 10/30/2022
#FinancialFreedom No-Essay Scholarship $500 10/30/2022
A Daring Path No-Essay Scholarship $1,000 10/31/2022


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