GUEST BLOG: Hospitals, Banks & Colleges: 3 Places Parents Need Young Adult Power of Attorney Forms

college forms legal mama bear Jul 28, 2022

Many parents forget that once their child hits 18, they no longer have legal rights to make decisions for their young adult children. This can become a major issue when it comes to medical emergencies or financial decisions. Our partner, Mama Bear Legal Formscan shed some light on why getting your legal documents in order before the worst happens is so important!

Summer is an exciting time. For families, it’s time to take that trip they’ve been planning. For new college students, it’s a time of transition and preparation.

For parents, the summer months mean helping their students get ready for the next stage of their lives. For many, that includes living away from the home and city they were raised in for the first time.

As you take care of all the things, big and small, getting your child ready for school, don’t overlook a set of important legal documents that every parent should have in place for their young adult student – a young adult...

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