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Every student has a special set of skills and aspirations. At KMAC we recognize the uniqueness of your child and are dedicated to transforming their individual qualities into standout applications. We partner with families to navigate the complexities of college admissions, ensuring a personalized journey that respects each student’s distinct path.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Personalized Attention: Your child is unique, and their college admission strategy should be too. We craft bespoke plans that highlight their individual talents and goals.
  • Expert Navigation: With years of experience and thousands of success stories, we expertly guide you through every facet of the admissions process.
  • Holistic Support: From academic achievements to extracurricular engagement, we help showcase the best of what your child offers.

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What is the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center?


Empower, Guide, Achieve: 

At the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center, we ignite students' potential through personalized tutoring, comprehensive ACT/SAT prep, and in-depth career exploration. Our tailored approach supports students in discovering their ideal college path, perfecting applications, and crafting standout essays. Beyond graduation, our alumni services, including resume preparation and job search assistance, ensure continued success. Start your journey to reaching your goals with our expert guidance.

Academic Services

Unlock Success, Enjoy Learning:
For over 12 years, the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center has been at the forefront of empowering students to reach their full potential. By teaching essential study skills, time management, and offering subject-specific tutoring (k-12 +), we make learning an enjoyable journey. 

Additionally, our proprietary test-prep strategies have consistently helped our average student increase their ACT scores by 4-8 points and their SAT scores by 150-350 points, enabling them to gain acceptance to their dream school.

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College Readiness

Find Your Perfect College Fit:
At the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center, we believe that a successful college experience hinges on finding the right fit. Beyond rankings or friends’ choices, our individualized guidance focuses on matching you with a college that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations. Avoid the costly and time-consuming process of switching colleges by choosing the right fit from the start. Let us guide you to your ideal college journey.

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Empowering Success: From Passion to Profession:

In an era where college education represents a significant investment of time and money, making an informed decision about your career path is crucial. Our career exploration services equip students with the knowledge and insight to choose a major and career that align with their passions and the realities of the job market, preventing costly mistakes and wasted time. Through personalized assessments and one-on-one coaching, we guide students towards a fulfilling career, ensuring their education is a strategic investment towards their dream job. By identifying the right path before college, students can streamline their education, optimize their investment, and embark on a path of personal and professional fulfillment with confidence and clarity. Our services are not just about making informed choices; they're about laying the groundwork for lifelong success.

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Athletic Recruiting

Maximize Opportunities in a Competitive Arena:

 KMAC Athletic Recruiting Services dramatically enhances an athlete's visibility and appeal to college coaches, transforming the recruitment journey from a game of chance to a strategic, targeted pursuit of opportunities. We don't just improve odds; we change the game. Navigating the transition from high school to college sports is notoriously challenging. With approximately 7.9 million high school athletes but only about 500,000 opportunities to play at the collegiate level, the odds are dauntingly slim—a mere 6.3% chance. This highlights a fiercely competitive environment where every advantage counts.

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National Reach

Unlock Your Path to Success, Anywhere in the U.S.:

Since 2019, the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center has proudly expanded its horizons to serve ambitious students across the nation. While we continue to cherish our roots, offering unparalleled in-person services in the greater Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio, our expertise and dedication know no bounds. We've successfully adapted to meet the needs of our clients from coast to coast, ensuring that distance is no barrier to quality.

Our commitment to providing exceptional career exploration and academic support services is matched by our flexible approach to scheduling and communication. Understanding the diverse needs of our nationwide clientele, we offer comprehensive services with office hours 7 days a week. This flexibility ensures that, no matter where you are in the U.S., we can tailor a solution that fits your unique journey towards success.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of varied regional educational landscapes, our team of seasoned professionals is equipped to guide you through every step of your academic and career planning process. The Kelly MacLean Achievement Center isn't just about offering services; it's about forging pathways to success for students across the country with expertise, care, and personalized attention.


"Kelly Maclean made the college application process so easy! Kelly assisted me with writing my common application and supplemental essays. I now feel so prepared!"

- Alexis (Student)

"I highly recommend Kelly as a college consultant. Her support during the admission process was invaluable. Kelly helped clarify every step and provided guidance throughout the process. The outcome was exceptional and we were admitted to several top 30 schools."

- Thisun P. (Parent)

"My experience with them made applying to all of my colleges stress-free. They had my best interests in mind when working with me. I 10/10 recommend."

- Hannah L. (Student)


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