College Readiness

Making the college admissions process work for you!

Sometimes figuring out where to start can be the hardest part. With KMAC, we make the process easy!

This is it, the time that your child has been waiting for for years. They're finally at the stage of their life where they can start thinking about their independence, about what they want to do when they grow up— but they have no idea where to start. There are often too many options and not enough direction for most high school students; for every child intent on pursuing medical school to become an oncologist or a degree in electrical engineering, there are a dozen more without a clue as to what they want to do in college and beyond. Even more, once they know what they want to do, they don't know where to apply to college, or when to apply to college, or even how to apply to college. It's not as simple as filling out your name, address, and why you want to go to that school anymore.

That's the KMAC Advantage

We know a thing or two about getting kids into the right college! With over ten years of experience in the college admissions field, we're experts in finding a student's best fit major, their ideal school, helping them apply for that school, and helping them pay for it! 

Career Exploration

  • Personality Inventories: Allow us to get to know your child and what career and major options are best suited to their unique qualities, likes and dislikes, and strengths.  
  • Career Shadowing: We set up shadowing opportunities with industry professionals so your student can see what a career is really like, rather than just what they think it is.
  • Informed Decision-making: We provide the student with as much information as possible to decide the path to their future, as well as eliminate routes that are not a good fit.

College Selection

  • Major Selection: We set students up for success by helping determine potential career paths, eliminating useless classes. 
  • Selecting Appropriate Schools: When students are at the right school, they report higher satisfaction with the school and program of study. This puts students on the path to complete their degree in 4 years at one school.
  • Customized Binder: Puts the info that you need in a concise manner to "comparison shop schools" without all the fluff.

The Admissions Suite

  • Touring Tips: Includes interviewing department heads – get the most out of your college visit and get the most useful information to help make your decision. Don't base a $100,000 decision on a sightseeing tour!
  • Admission Deadlines: Ensure students do not miss critical deadlines for acceptance as well as scholarships through assistance with applications, references, and essays.
  • Essay Review and Assistance: Help your child's essay stand out from the sea of thousands of essays that admission counsellors read every year.  
  • Reference Letter Assistance:  Get powerful recommendations from key people to allow admission to selective schools. Don't get shut out of the school because you got an average recommendation from the English teacher that "loves" you.
  • FAFSA Information: Increase likelihood of getting financial aid, through assistance with filing, and understanding financial aid packaging, scholarships, Expected Family Contribution (EFC). For first time applicants, this is often a foreign language. We will help you figure out:
    • How does FAFSA work?
    • What do you need to know?
    • How do you make FAFSA work best for you and your child?
    • If you don't like the number they've given you, we can help.
  • College Scholarship Help: To help the students maximize opportunities and avoid missing deadlines. Don't let a day delay cost you $3500.
  • College Interview: The most sought after scholarships typically require an interview – we prepare students by running mock interview sessions that give them an advantage.
  • The Freshman Five: We offer support and assistance during the first semester of college by helping a student adjust, ensuring they are getting involved, going to class, and getting help they need. We also help parents make this adjustment and properly support their student.

College Readiness Blogs

Check out some of our recent blog posts about how to best prepare for college!

Approaching College With Foresight

At the end of the day, your child’s greatest aspiration will not be to get a higher GPA than their peers or go to college with their best friends. Their greatest hope will be to lead happy and productive lives. Foresight is the differentiator between those who buy more milk than there is room for in the fridge and those who achieve self-actualization in the form of a successful college education and meaningful careers. 

How to Choose the Right College For You

We help guide parents and students down the road to college. It’s often a longer road than people think and pre-planning is essential. For us, it all comes down to helping them really find the right college for them. Every child is unique if we’re able to help them find the right school for them, then we are confident they will succeed.

How To Start Your College Planning

When you child's senior year rolls around and they have to sit down to list out their activities and achievements, what are they going to put down? What will their grades look like? What will they write their admissions essays about? These are all questions to consider early, before the last-minute crunch time stress sets in. Knowing what information to keep track of and look for early can save heaps of stress and set your child apart from the rest. 


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