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Career Path Coaching with Career Pathway

Kelly MacLean, the president and founder of the Kelly MacLean Achievement Center, brings a distinctive edge to career development services with her rich history as a former College Admission Representative. Recognizing a significant void in support for those navigating their career journeys, Kelly innovated a Career Pathway program designed to guide students and adults alike in identifying their passions and transforming them into viable career opportunities. Central to Kelly's offerings is her expert resume crafting service, tailored to enhance job search effectiveness across various applications, thereby boosting the chances of securing an ideal position.

Career Path Coaching

Whether you're a teen exploring career paths before determining next steps after high school (career exploration program) or an adult with decades of career experience under your belt, the Kelly MacLean Achievement center can help you on your career path journey.

As a teen we explore the right major, path in college or career path opportunities that do not include college education. 

As an adult we have more experience to work with and spend time uncovering your passion. What is your calling? What career opportunities can we identify that include activities you enjoy and deliverables that bring value to your life?  

Resume Writing

We work with you to craft a resume to elevate your job search and secure your ideal position.  Creating a resume that can be effective across various applications will boost your effectiveness of securing your new dream job.  

Career Pathway to Match Skills and Interests

Under Kelly's guidance, numerous individuals have successfully aligned their career aspirations with reality, securing positions that perfectly match their skills and interests. Kelly extends her commitment to career success by offering specialized services aimed at career exploration for adults, high school and college students. These services focus on reducing education expenses while expanding educational and career prospects, encompassing personalized advice on selecting the most suitable career and education paths and strategies for placement at the careers and educational institutions of their dreams. Through these comprehensive services, Kelly MacLean empowers individuals to navigate their career paths with confidence and clarity.

We also offer packages for Career Exploration/Major Selection, Subject Specific Tutoring, ACT/SAT Test Prep, and College Admission Suite of Services.

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