Tutor Profiles

Learn more about the amazing tutors we have at KMAC!

Brianna Conroy

Brianna graduated from Trine University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is currently working towards her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. 

Sean Dick

Sean attended Highland High School and graduated from The University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Sean is currently in his second year of his Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Cleveland State University. He specializes in all ACT subjects and talking sports with his students. He loves tutoring because it gives him a chance to help young students and put them in the best position to be successful.

Jasmine Farran

Jasmine has been tutoring at KMAC since 2015. She graduated from Cleveland State University in December 2018 with her Bachelor's in Communication with a minor in Spanish. While she excels at teaching all of the ACT subjects we offer, she loves sharing her technical knowledge of the English and Spanish language with her students. When she is not tutoring or studying she enjoys boxing and spending time with her Yorkie.

Jarod Macaluso

Jarod is a junior at Kent State University studying biotechnology. Tutoring has been a great help to him in the past; now he is happy to help others in various subjects and the ACT. He specializes in biology, chemistry, economics, Spanish, writing, and the ACT.

Alex Rosul

Alex is an undergraduate student at Kent State University majoring in Geology and minoring in Chemistry. He understands from his own first-hand experiences how confusing and difficult the years before college may be for a lot of students. That is why he loves having the opportunity to help students feel more prepared to take on their futures.

His favorite subject is obviously geology but he would say he is pretty well read in all sciences that a student in high school would encounter. His favorite part about teaching is the "aha" or "eureka" moments when a student makes a connection from the textbooks to real life. He thinks that the fact that I find so many of those moments in his own life is the reason he love science so much. His specialty with KMAC is ACT preparation, and he mainly works in the Hudson area.

Alyssa Tonisson

Alyssa is a sophomore at The Ohio State University studying Middle Childhood eEucation, with concentrations in STEM Education. Alyssa graduated from Olmsted Falls High School in 2017 with an honors diploma, a member of 4 honors societies, and as the Vice President of Student Council. At her school, Alyssa works in the Department of Educational Studies as a Research Assistant, currently focusing on teacher/student motivation and the benefit of collaboration in the classroom. She also works as a recruitment host for Ohio State Football and Athletics, and is an employee in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

As a tutor, she works with all ACT subjects (Math, English, Science, and Reading), middle and high school math, science, and Spanish. She has tutored for the ACT and helped students with studying or school coursework, including helping students with summer classes and work. She loves working with all students and finding new ways to help students retain the information they learn!

L.J. Yurick

Lawrence Yurick attended Olmsted Falls High School and graduated from Mercyhurst University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. He is starting a Masters program in Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology in the fall of 2018. He specializes in Math, Chemistry, Biology, and English. 


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