Don't let online schooling leave your kid behind.

You're a parent. You're your kid's greatest hero. If you ask them, you know everything (even if your moody teen would never actually admit that). You're the person that they turn to when then need help. For the most part, you've got this. 

With virtual learning, though, your job as a parent has new meaning.

You're now expected to be your kid's teacher, tutor, lunch lady, principal, gym teacher, and more. It's a lot to juggle, and a lot to handle, especially when your kid's math homework looks like a foreign language, and their foreign language homework looks like gibberish, and you haven't had to write an English paper in 20 years. Your kid has questions about their homework that you have no idea how to answer, and their teachers are overwhelmed and unhelpful. What are you supposed to do?

It's Time for a Study Sesh

Study groups are a great way to make up for a lack of face time with a teacher, but only when the group knows what it's doing. With KMAC's Online Study Sesh, each session will be guided by a tutor that is an expert in a wide array of school subjects. These virtual study groups are a perfect way for students to adapt to online learning and e-learning practices.

  • Students will register at least 12 hours before their session, to ensure that the tutor has enough time to prepare for the sesh. We want to make the most of both of their time!
  • After registering, the student will be sent a Zoom invitation. While we're sure that at this point, most people are familiar with the service, we recommend having the software downloaded before their first sesh to make things easier!
  • Students can stay on the session and complete work while asking the tutor questions, or they can pop in and ask their questions and disconnect as needed— they control the session!
  • Students can use the session to complete current homework, ask questions, hone their study skills, map out projects, ask questions about their Google Classroom, and make sense of all of the work they need to complete this year! 

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